Welcome to Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium

The Time Emporium is an interactive, immersive time-travelling adventure that puts you at the heart of the action…

‘Wilfred Bagshaw truly takes immersive theatre to the next dimension’

– Great Little Place


Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium is an immersive, theatrical, gaming adventure, which puts the audience at the heart of the action - and history itself.

Guests step into the Time Machine and into another age, asked not merely to explore and observe but to interact with characters, follow subplots; take on missions and earn rewards and new experiences.

Whether our guests choose to get involved in the larger plot or just explore and watch the action unfold is up to them. The past is a varied place - full of distractions, entertainment, food, drink... but more adventurous souls can intervene - and help to save history.

Wilfred offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a fantastic world, to travel back in time to key events in human history and to become the protagonists of a truly interactive adventure.


Next Expedition

Wilfred Bagshaw, gentleman scientist, and inventor of time travel, scans the vortex of time, scouring it for lesions, cracks… key moments in human history that are threatening to unravel.

Once identified, Wilfred assembles a group of hardy time-travellers to travel through time and intervene, to safeguard the security of our present.

With the last mission safely completed at the Bagshaw family seat of Aynhoe Park, Wilfred is now navigating human history once more - gathering another set of flash-points to be resolved.

These will be brought together in a secret central London location in November 2014. More information will become available as soon as Wilfred is safely back and able to relay it.

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First Expedition – May 1381

When there is a threat to history, Wilfred is compelled to intervene.

First expedition: Wilfred had learned that John of Gaunt - sire of the Tudors, progenitor of European nobility - was unexpectedly due to perish on May 1st, 1381 in Brentwood, Essex. A cadre of noble Time Travellers was assembled. Their mission: Discover who plans to kill John of Gaunt - and stop them.

One of the town’s three factions - The Church, The Military & The Peasantry - was responsible for his murder. My Time Travellers infiltrated these factions, discovering and foiling the plan to poison the sacramental wine at mass - thus restoring causality.

Second Expedition – May 1381

For the second expedition the fractures in time Wilfred had identified were too many to deal with singly, so instead he gathered them together at the family seat of the Bagshaws - the majestic Aynhoe Park - to counter all at once.

Six time periods and points of flux were met by our brave time travel assistants and resolved including prohibition gambling, post-war peace negotiations, Roman imperial dramatics, Georgian industrial power-plays and medieval witch-hunts.


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