Time Emporium

We’ve been entrusted with recruiting intrepid puzzle-solvers such as yourselves

to help us retrieve powerful artifacts that have been lost in time

Yes you read that right,

we are sending you back in time!

Can you retrieve the medallion and escape?

We’re not the first to bring you escape rooms

but we’ll be the first to bring you an escape experience like none other.

From the same creative team that delivered the hand crafted, local and massively fun family entertainment at Loveland Laser Tag, we endlessly work to bring you bold, innovative new escape rooms with puzzles and creativity like you’ve never escaped before. We’ve meticulously poured over every element in each room to ensure we have fair and mind-bending puzzles, and riddles, for every type of player.


Monday – Thursday:

3pm – 9pm


3pm – 12am


10am – 12am


10am – 9pm

391 Denver Ave.
Loveland, CO. 80537